Frequently Asked Questions

Why only USA and UK?

Spotify ads works almost the same as Google ad words. That means it’s a consumer service that is based on ’clickrate’. Meaning that you pay depending how many consumers the service has in the specific territory. If they have more freemium users you pay less. And in order to keep the ad campaign prices to a decent marked price, we decided to choose USA and UK witch is one of the largest territories for Spotify.

Do I need to do anything else then order the campaign?

We will take care of everything you need. We only need the Spotify link. The cover will be displayed in the add, and the song will be played when the freemium users in the selected territory.

How long does it take before the ad is active?

Normally it takes 24-48 hours before the ads are active. The timeline can be pushed if the order is performed on Friday due to weekend’s time off.

Does the release have to be new, or can I also promote back catalogue (Old songs) ?

Spotify is a algorithm based services. Meaning that the more streams you get in a time period, the more likely you are to end up to Spotify’s official playlists like ”Fresh finds” etc. An old song may just as well end up on these lists as a new release. But since the current release week is the time when all the fuzz is about the song, the odds are bigger to get more exposure out of the song.